The Spectral Hunt

Spirits wreak havoc on Bordeaux!!

Stop the ghost before it's too late!

The city of Bordeaux is plagued by paranormal events and a renowned spirit guide has been hired to get in touch with the spirits.

You’re being called to help the spirit guide to decipher the various codes, messages and enigmas left by the ghosts in the most-haunted places of the city!

Player questionning ghosts

A race against time

Follow mysterious clues through the streets and monuments accompanied by your guide. 

In less than 90 minutes, you will decipher the riddles and discover the paranormal history of Bordeaux, as told by the paranormal beings themselves.

Ready to experience
the Spectral Hunt ?


This adventure lasts around an one hour and a half (90 minutes) to allow enought time to really discover the city while resolving our challenging riddles. 

No. Previous knowledge about ghosts is not necessary. The spectral hunt is open to everyone, from beginners to paranormal enthusiasts, for a fun and immersive adventure.

Yes, the Spectral Hunt is an outdoor-only adventure

Yes, our guide will accompany you throughout the entire adventure to help you navigate, to answer your questions and to help you understand the clues, if needed

Yes, the Spectral Hunt is specifically designed for groups, couples or team-building activities. These adventures are recommended for groups with 2 to 10 players.

The Spectral Hunt puzzles are designed to be accessible to all skill levels, providing an enjoyable challenge without being overly complex.

The adventure is designed to be accessible to people regardless of their mobility. There is no entry into a building.

Please contact us in advance to discuss your specific needs to ensure the best experience.